Policies & Procedures

All the NSCP policies and procedures are regularly updated.

The NSCP are committed to ensuring that local policies and procedures remain consistent and contemporary with government guidance and best practice. The policy manual will be reviewed regularly to ensure it is kept up to date. These policies are designed to help professionals from all disciplines with the guidance they need to safeguard children in all circumstances. The polices should be read and understood within the ethos and practice framework of Signs of Safety.

The manual is divided into eleven chapters for easy navigation. Chapter titles are:

5.1 Abuse by Children and Young People who Display Sexually Harmful Behaviour
5.2 Abuse Linked to Spiritual and Religious Beliefs
5.3 Identifying, managing and preventing abuse of disabled children
5.4 Intimate Care Good Practice Guidelines
5.5 Allegations of Harm Arising from Under Age Sexual Activity
5.6 Bullying
5.7 Child Abuse and Information Communication Technology
5.8 Safeguarding Children and Young People from Child Sexual Exploitation: Policy, Procedures and Guidance
5.9 Complex (Organised or Multiple) Abuse
5.10 Fabricated or Induced Illness
5.11 Children and Young People who Misuse Substances
5.12 Children from Abroad (including Migrant Children and Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children
5.13 Children Living Away from Home (including Children and Families living in Temporary Accommodation)
5.14 Female Genital Mutilation
5.15 Forced Marriages and Honour Based Violence
5.16 Safeguarding the Welfare of Norfolk Children and Young People in police custody and the secure estate
5.17 Pre-Birth Protocol
5.18 Guidance On Safeguarding Individuals Vulnerable To Radicalisation
5.19 Safeguarding Children and Young People Who May be Affected by Gang Activity
5.20 Self Harm
5.21 Children at risk of suicide
5.22 Neglect
5.23 Safeguarding Response to Obesity when Neglect is an Issue
5.24 Practice Guidance for the Effective Safeguarding of Children from Minority Ethnic, Cultural and Faith Communities, Groups and Families
5.25 Cross Border Child Protection Cases
5.26 Joint Protocol between Health Services & Schools in respect of the management of pupil absence from school when medical reasons are cited
5.27 Concealed/Denied Pregnancy

Please note: Norfolk County Council has moved away from the Common Assessment framework (CAF) and is now working to a local family Support Process (FSP). See also the Norfolk Early Help website.

These policies are designed to help professionals from all disciplines the guidance they need to safeguard children in all circumstances. The aim is to ensure that partner agencies are knowledgeable about policies and procedures, and have in place appropriate mechanisms to ensure compliance. Further support can be found by contacting the Children's Advice an  Service (CADS) if required.

The Norfolk Continuum of Need Guidance is now included as part of the Multi-Agency Policy Framework (Chapter 1). This document is designed to support professionals to address the level of need for the children and families they are working with.