It is our business to keep children safe.

Every Local Authority in the country has to have a Multi-Agency Safeguarding Agreement (MASA) in partnership with the Police and Health. In Norfolk, the Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership (NSCP) is led by the 3 statutory partners who work together with other local agencies including the voluntary sector to make sure that children are protected from harm and that their welfare is promoted. The NSCP has robust independent scrutiny arrangements to ensure that people working with children carry out their safeguarding responsibilities as required by the law. Our work is underpinned by the government document Working Together

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  • Policies & Procedures

    Policies & Procedures

    The NSCP are committed to ensuring that local policies and procedures remain consistent and contemporary with government guidance and best practice. The policy manual is reviewed every six months to ensure it is kept up to date. These policies are designed to help professionals from all disciplines the guidance they need to safeguard children in all circumstances.

    Policies & Procedures
  • NSCP Priorities

    NSCP Priorities

    The NSCP’s three statutory partners agree their priorities with the wider partnership. Priorities are set using data and performance intelligence and reviewed regularly as written into the NSCP Business Plan. Each priority has senior leaders in the chairing role, distributed across Children’s Services, Health and the Police. There is ongoing focus on the consistency and quality of front-line practice and hearing the voice of the child.

    NSCP Priorities
  • Training


    Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership is committed to ensuring that the wider children’s workforce are operating in an environment where learning and improvement underpins their work with children. The NSCP offers multi-agency for professionals and through the Safer Programme for people working as volunteers or within a charity or for independent/private organisations.

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  • Signs of Safety

    Signs of Safety

    Signs of Safety is a social care philosophy which encourages much more direct work with families, which Norfolk has been putting in place since Autumn 2014. This exciting and innovative approach underpins Norfolk’s principles of working i.e. using a strength based, solution focused model. At the heart of this approach is working with families in an honest, straightforward and respectful way. For more information see the Norfolk Signs of Safety and Family Network Approach page.

    Norfolk Signs of Safety and Family Network Approach