Learning Zone

Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership is committed to ensuring that the wider children’s workforce are operating in an environment where learning and improvement underpins their work with children.  The NSCP ensures that there is appropriate multi-agency training in place for people who work with children or in services affecting the safety and welfare of children (Working Together 2023).  In Norfolk we have commissioned Barnardo’s as our multi-agency training provider for all professionals and have, in addition, developed the Safer programme, which is available to people working as volunteers or within a charity or for independent/private organisations.

Training is also supported by our comprehensive training manual.

The Partnership is also responsible for ensuring learning from Serious Case Reviews is disseminated and conducting Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews.  When things go wrong there needs to be a rigorous, objective analysis of what happened and why, so that important lessons can be learnt and services improved to reduce the risk of future harm to children.

What level training do I need?

This would depend as to how often and in which way you work or volunteer with children.  We have two main training pathways which are divided into groups.

Introduction Level

This is for those that come into contact with children and have a duty to report concerns about abuse or neglect.  You would need our basic Introduction to Safeguarding Children Training which is Group 1 and 2 or Introduction level.

For those that have specific responsibility for safeguarding children in your organisation that mainly operates at a Group 1 or 2 level you would need our Designated Safeguarding Person Training.

This is accessed via the Safer Programme.

Core Programme Level

This is for those who work predominantly with children, young people and/or their parents/carers and could possibly contribute to assessments, planning, intervening and review the needs of a child and parenting capacity where there are safeguarding concerns.  This includes being a working part of a child protection plan.  These are Groups 3 – 6 or Core level.

For Groups 3 – 6 you would need Core Programme training. If you work in a statutory agency such as Children’s Services, Health, Police or Probation you should access this via your own agency.

If you work for a voluntary, community or independent organisation then you can access the Core Programme via the Safer Programme.

Multi Agency Training

After your Core Programme is completed you can access the NSCP multi-agency training

If you need any advice on which level of training you would need, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.  A training strategy is available for more information.


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