Norfolk Practice Week 2022

Practice Week Brochure – November 2022


Monday 9.30am – What is strengths based practice
Monday 11am – Using Flourish to plan prioritise and evidence
Monday 2pm – Youth-Led Social Action
Monday 3.30pm – Strengths based Education
Tuesday 9.30am – Attendance is Everyone’s Business
Tuesday 12.30pm – Strength-based activities for direct work
Tuesday 2pm – Supporting children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds
Wednesday 9.30am – The power of partnership working (part 1)
Weds 9.30am – The power of partnership working (part 2)
Wednesday 11am – Promoting a culture of welcome and inclusion
Thursday 9.30am – Flourish and direct with children and young people
Thursday 11am – Poverty and Food Insecurity
Thursday 12.30pm – How Norfolk’s Neglect Champions can support families to flourish
Thursday 2pm – Unlocking greatness
Thursday 3.30pm – Communities of Practice
Friday 9.30am – What is Positive Behavioural Support
Friday 11am – Through the eyes of the family
Friday 12.30pm – It’s not just a job
Friday 2pm – Helping Dads find their strengths

Conference Videos

Part 1: Professor Jane Barlow
Part 2: Josh MacAlister
Part 3: Sara Tough and Q & A panel