Norfolk Practice Week November 2023

Norfolk Practice Week Brochure November 2023


Monday 9.30am Working With GRT Families And Communities
Monday 11.00am Norfolk's Family Hub And Start For Life Programme
Monday 12.30pm Theraplay Building Strong Attachments
Monday 2.00pm Being A Kinship Family
Monday 3.30pm Supporting Families Programme
Tuesday 9.30am Family Networks Are Part Of Everyones Norfolk Story
Tuesday 11am Bloom Where Planted
Tuesday 12.30pm SEND Friendships
Tuesday 2pm Norfolk Parent Champions
Wednesday 9.30am Black History Month
Wednesday 11am Intro To Active Norfolk And HAF
Wednesday 12.30pm Child Exploitation
Thursday 9.30am Power Of Family Networking
Thursday 12.30pm Supporting You To Support Us
Thursday 2pm Utilising Yps' Expertise
Thursday 3.30pm RSHE
Thursday 5.30pm Let Us Be Heard
Friday 9.30am Ermin
Friday 11am Safeguarding Children By Working Effectively With Fathers
Friday 12.30pm Part 2 Friendships
Friday 12.30pm Part 2 Online Safety Fact Sheet V3
Friday 2pm Young Carers

Presentation Videos

Monday 11am - Start for Life and Family Hub programme
Monday 2pm - Being a kinship family
Tuesday 3.30pm - Friendships - thoughts from a SEND parent carer
Wednesday 9.30am - Black History Month
Thursday 9.30am - The Power of Family Networks
Thursday 3.30pm - RHSE - A foundation to flourish
Friday 11am - Working effectively with fathers
Friday 12.30pm - Prevent and online friendships
Friday 2pm - Supporting young carers